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Bruce ordered. Damian stood still. Frozen with fear as he turned around. "Come here." Bruce said. Damian walked back to the bed slowly, trying so hard not to shake at his father's gaze. Bruce sat up slowly and looked at his son looking down at his feet. He reached out to touch his son's shoulder but Damian screamed with a flinch. Bruce was ....

Goodbye, Damian. Dear Grayson. I wish to thank-you for all the time to spent trying to teach me and raise me while father wasn't around. I'm sorry I didn't always listen to you and that I often challenged your right to my father's legacy, I now know you are more worthy on it then I ever was. I don't wish to cause you pain, but knowing you, you ...As he closed his notebook a small smile crossed his lips. He could see all his wrong turns but he could also see the one he made right. Sometimes he needed a guiding have to help him find his way. And in his privet thoughts Damian was willing to admit he had five he trusted above all else. Bruce, Dick, Alfred, Tim and Jason.

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Bruce freezes up, gripping the edge of the desk so tightly his knuckles turn a ghostly white. He hears Alfred's soft, surprised gasp behind him. It's a tone twisted in agony, but he knows his own son's voice when he hears it. He can hear the urgency in Damian's voice, with an undertone of a sob clinging to it.The Red Fox By: Tobi wants a cookie. Sometimes, life isn't fair. Sometimes, the world is filled with injustice. Bruce Wayne, better known as Gotham's legendary hero Batman, had dedicated his life to ending injustice. When he met a chipper boy named Naruto who had been attacked his entire life for things beyond his control, there was only one ...Comics Batman. Cowl By: Jacksaw. Batman is dead, and Gotham needs her Knight. Damian, Tim and Dick discuss who will become the next Bats. Jason, being Jason listens from the roof. And he's way less than happy with the results. (Jason centric. Interpret this thing as you want.) R&R!

Bruce stormed down the hall of the warehouse, leaving a pile of thugs in his wake. He had one focus right now; the Joker. Earlier that night Damian had practically carried Tim into the med bay of the cave, the older boy bleeding profusely. The boys had had a run in with Joker, with Tim taking the brunt of the punishment protecting Damian.Tim doesn't know whether to be annoyed or flattered. - Damian kept a litter of kittens in his room for 3 whole months before Bruce noticed. Alfred claimed to have no knowledge of Damian's secret, but Bruce knew better; Alfred knows everything that goes on in the Manor. - It's nearly impossible to tell Damian a knock knock joke.Bruce and Clark adopted her after she was rescued from a crime scene committed by her father. She tends to get along with Dick, Tim, and Cass the best. While fighting the most with Jason and Damian. Damian Wayne= The 7th child and 6th son at the age of 10. Damian is Bruce's oldest biological child and creature all on his own."What?" Bruce pressed. "I'm afraid this decision cannot be revocable," Alfred said, setting down his cup of tea. "Talia enlisted the aid of Hugo Strange and thus, Dick had to make a compelling case to ensure nothing they do could take Damian away by the court of law." "Bruce, look, this is all just on paper," Tim said. "It doesn't change anything.

The boy stretched slightly and then went limp. Bruce leaned down and kissed his forehead. He folded up the picture and put it in his shirt pocket. "Right over my heart", he whispered, patting the picture. Damian gave him a tiny grin. Bruce gently pushed back his hair and then strengthened up to continue his meeting.Damian noticed that he did that a lot when first introduced to his new 'siblings' — Drake, Todd, and Cassandra had all received the same treatment. Despite the ever-growing Bat-clan, Colin just couldn't seem to wrap his head around Batman being anyone's dad. Damian, sure, but he hadn't exactly planned that.Cass and Damian have a conversation about scars and their meaning. The wind batted Cass's hair wildly as she stepped outside into the crisp snow, her boots crunching. She pulled her coat closer around her and frowned around. Damian was missing. He had disappeared immediately after he and Dick arrived back. ….

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Heading for the fire escape Jason grabbed his grappling hook from his belt. Ready to get this kid home and make sure Bruce knew what had happened. Damian for his part felt a part of himself light up. Jason didn't let go of him till they had made it to the manor and were safely inside.But Damian didn't see the car. So lost in the pain of thinking that the one person he was sure wanted him had just turned him way, he didn't see it. "Mr Wayne, this is Gotham central hospital. Your son Damian Wayne was just emitted through Emergence." These were the words that made Bruce's heart skip a beat.

Batman, Robin, and Nightwing have arrived and are with Red Robin finishing off the last of Joker's goons. Momentary relief washes through me as I realize Little Red is safe -albeit a bit wobbly- as Nightwing helps him fight. Robin is near them, quickly felling his opponents with all the grace of an assassin.Dan Wayne. Damian Wayne is a Good Parent. Damian Wayne is a good dad. damian Wayne loves his kids. oc child - Freeform. OC infant - Freeform. Damian looks down and smiles at the young girl in his arms. He rocks her back and forth watching as her eyes start to droop and her suckling on her bottle slows.Chapitre 1 : Damian. Si vous demandez à Damian qui est son père il vous regardera froidement comme si vous étiez stupide et prendra son temps avant de répondre, certainement se demandant si vous valez la peine même de vous parler. Evidemment il finira par vous dire « Bruce Wayne » parce que Damian est fier d'être le fils du grand homme ...

hollyhood haley j net worth Kidnapping, a batman fanfic | FanFiction. Kidnapping By: Whistle Mist. Damian and Tim get kidnap. Just another day of being children of Bruce Wayne. Rated: Fiction K - English - Family/Humor - Bruce W./Batman, Timothy D./Red Robin, Damian W./Robin - Words: 971 - Reviews: 20 - Favs: 113 - Follows: 41 - Published: Feb 13, 2017 - Status: Complete ... easley 8 theatre easley scvision appraisal new shoreham " What happened? " Bruce asked a shocked Tim after looking at the small wounds on Damian. " Holy Water. It burned for some reason. " Dick shrugged his shoulders confused and concerned. " I touched some of it and felt fine." Immediately Tim made a cross over his heart." Alfred I am going to need a bible and a cross. Now! " He said slightly afraid.Batman surprisingly moved through the crowd, and they let him through. To the hooded figure watching from the shadows" Mother" Damian said with disgust. He held his composer so well, but Jon thought he had to be scared. It was like a war had paused. The bat boys and jon stood in one group, the assassin's in another. cbx promo code for parking The bottom of his feet hurt too much. He can't stand, can barely move his toes without starting to flinch, and a flinch for Damian is bursting into tears and screaming for a normal child. But Damian pushes through it, and Bruce has checked the bottom of his feet. Burn scars. Made from walking on coals without training.Of Family and Houses. Sitting on a stool in the dining room, Bruce realized that there was a mirror on the far wall placed at such angle that he, in the dining room, could see into the living room perfectly without being seen himself. The dining room was also close enough that he could hear anyone speaking within it. uncle lou's fishing rodsaramark holiday calendar 2023ohio catmail login Of Family and Houses. Sitting on a stool in the dining room, Bruce realized that there was a mirror on the far wall placed at such angle that he, in the dining room, could see into the living room perfectly without being seen himself. The dining room was also close enough that he could hear anyone speaking within it. menards vessel sinks Comics Batman. Daddy Bat's Bat By: Whistle Mist. It started with pictures Damian found in the attic when all of them were on downtime and Bruce found Damian looking at the pictures of him and his parents before Bruce decided that Damian needed some one on one time. Bonding, fluff ensures, Daddy Bats, Baby Bat. sewell car washasheville news 13asvab score for space force Damian was silent for a moment then told him. "What's the scariest movie you have?" Down the hall Bruce stood up and went to the hallway to see the boys standing there, Dick was thinking hard while Damian was scowling at him. Bruce smirked and walked closer to them. "To answer your question, Damian, the scariest movie we have is the Exorcist."No one could beat his father, no one. It was the one thing Damian let himself hold onto. He held so tight. He wouldn't let go for anything. He gripped tight to the idea. He held firm. Until it wasn't there anymore. Until it was gone. His heart shattered into so many pieces.